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Specialist Assessments for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Pre-diagnostic Assessments

A pre-diagnostic consultation can be offered to parents who are concerned that their child or young person is presenting with a possible autism spectrum disorder and are seeking advice on whether or not pursue a diagnostic assessment.

Full Diagnostic Assessment 

A detailed developmental history is taken from parents or carers using the developmental, dimensional and diagnostic interview (3di): a computerised assessment for autism spectrum disorders. This is a semi-structured interview designed to learn about the young person's history up to current day-to-day functioning. 

A clinical observation is also undertaken with the young person using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule; Second Addition (ADOS-2).  Information is also gathered from teaching staff and, if required, a school observation can be arranged to assist in the diagnostic assessment. 

The detailed information is gathered together to formulate a clear diagnosis and recommendation of needs and an in-depth report is prepared. The outcome of the assessment is shared with the family during a follow-up appointment where recommendations are discussed. We take care to consider the interventions already in place and endorse current practice. If further interventions are required, we offer guidance to both families and professionals.

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